On The Lists this week: FAKA, Allen Iverson and Koleka Putuma


FAKA: Uyang’khumbula. I legit feel like I’ve eureka’d the answers to every single unanswered question in life.
I’ve been listening to FAKA’s new single, Uyang’khumbula, and gagging over every bit of the gqom beat, the salacious and naughty lyrics and, of course, the duo’s looks in the video. I don’t know how they manage to turn the most banal of settings and smise the ugly out of them. Their outfits look like they were pinched from Diana Ross’s and Sun Ra’s washing lines. (MB)

Iverson (Netflix). In some quarters, the name Allen Iverson no longer gets respect. It is easy to forget the slightly built six-footer because he never won a National Basketball Association championship, but the man had a heart bigger than most. If we won’t give him his props for his killer crossover and singular attitude, at least let’s agree that his low-slung jeans, Timberlands and cornrows

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Sheryl Crow’s sons rewrite her hits with naughty lyrics

Mark Seliger

Sheryl Crow‘s two sons, ages six and nine, aren’t very impressed by the fact that their mom’s a rock star — but they sure have fun making up naughty lyrics to her hits.

Sheryl tells Redbook magazine, “They take my songs and change them, like ‘Are You Strong Enough to
Be My Butt.’ ‘All I Wanna Do Is Fart on You’ is a favorite. They’re super into potty talk.”

But Sheryl says the fact that she made her current album Be Myself at home in her barn really made it clear to the boys just what it is mom does for a living.

“I would drop my kids off at school, then go to the barn and record,” she explains. “I’d take a break to pick up the boys and then work again until 5:30, and all of us would

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Meet Girl Ultra, a Bleeding-Heart R&B Diva From Mexico City

As she sits for an interview at the Finesse Records HQ, a rooftop apartment in Mexico City, Mariana de Miguel (call her Nan) is getting historic about the inspiration for her persona as RB singer Girl Ultra. She’s pulling her role as the diva in Finesse’s RB movement into focus.

“The actresses of Mexico’s golden age of film — onstage, my posture – they affect it a lot,” she says. “I watched those movies with my dad and the divas really drew my attention. Especially Silvia Pinal; look her up, you’ll see.”

Pinal is worth the research. She made her movie debut at 18, building a career for herself playing softspoken but dominant bombshells. She was famous for quick, sensual shifts in her face that entranced audiences. In her films, she stopped admirers on the street in their tracks, and caused her amorous victims to make rash decisions

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Much has been made of the Trump administration concealing the visitors log so the public can’t see who’s leaving a trail of slime in and out of the White House. It really makes me wonder what kind of sludge they would be ashamed to be associated with if they’re sharing photos of the likes of Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock standing around Trump at the Resolute Desk. Wanna throw up yet? I’m with ya’.

These are some of those consequences of elections they talk about. Conservatives had a hard time with White House visits by Al Sharpton, Jay Z, and Beyonce. But this assortment of loons is a basket of deplorables.

Ted Nugent, whose most famous song is about “vagina grabbing,” has made veiled threats to kill Obama, who he’s also called a “subhuman mongrel.” Anyone who’s made threats

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Every Prince Fan Is the World’s Biggest Prince Fan

The only reason I’m not a lifelong Prince fan is because I was born before he had a record deal. I was 7 when he released his first record, and I can recall the exact moment a little more than a year later when I discovered the wondrousness Prince had to offer even in his formative years. I was 9. I broke into my brother’s bedroom to go through his record collection and found the record that would change my life. I’ve recounted this experience before in greater detail than I offer here — exactly one year ago, to be precise. Suffice it to say that Prince has been an influence on me ever since. And this was back when his records were new, not reprinted as hip vintage swag, so we’re talking about a substantial relationship here.

If you’re reading this, you likely have your own Prince origin story. The ending

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Kenny Dope & Roland Clark Deliver Synthy ‘Dirty Talk’ for Strictly Rhythm’s 900th Release: Exclusive

Just shy of its 30th anniversary, dance music’s legendary label Strictly Rhythm celebrates a huge milestone with its 900th release, and longtime friend and collaborator Kenny Dope is the man who accepts the honor with a pressing of a sickeningly synthy tune graced with some truly naughty lyrics by house vocal hero Roland Clark.

After 28 years of sonic service (23 counting that five-year hiatus from 2003 to 2007), Strictly Rhythm has released banging beats from Armand Van Helden, DJ Sneak, Erick Morillo, Josh Wink, Louie Vega, Thomas Bangalter, Ultra Naté and more; “I Like to Move It” from Reel 2 Reel is still a need-to-know classic. For this momentous occasion, “Dirty Talk” is a fun nod to classic house styles, capturing the essence of the Strictly Rhythm sound. It’s a little NSFW too, because who wants to go to a puritan party?

“Dirty Talk” hits shelves Friday, April 28, but you can

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‘Red Hot Mama’ the Sophie Tucker story

When the curtain parts, there stands a brassy, classy dame who grabs your attention and keeps it right where she wants it. Tony-award winning nominee Sharon McKnight stands center stage, soaking up the audience’s love and laughter as she reincarnates the tough-talking icon of early entertainment, Sophie Tucker. It’s Sophie’s spotlight, and she’s having a ball.

Sophie Tucker’s performing career had a phenomenal 60-year run, from recording on Thomas Edison’s scratchy cylinders in 1910 through shows at burlesque houses, vaudeville, and the Ziegfield Follies. In later years she recorded on radio and made several films. McKnight, who created the solo show, channels Sophie’s larger-than-life stage presence and powerful voice, needing no microphone to fill the high-ceilinged theater. Edison once told Sophie “You could audition in New York and never leave your home in Connecticut.” He probably would have said that to McKnight, too.

Sophie worked hard and long, performing

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Kreesha Turner is Such a Tease With this New “Boy Shorts” Song


Jamaican/Canadian singer Kreesha Turner is already sexy as hell, so it’s like a double standard when she sings naughty lyrics.

On her new island-tinged offering, ‘Boy Shorts,’ written by R. City Daaron Anthony and produced by Yonni, the RB beauty hypnotizes with sensual lyrics about gratifying her man.

“I wear it so you can see it, you whisper ‘you gon’ get it’ / You say you like it when I tease ya, baby, no I’m teasing,” she sings.

‘Boy Shorts’ follows the recently released, ‘I Will Be Here,’ a record that served as a promo for a new cosmetic line.

In related news, Kreesha recently teamed with Puma for the viral video series #KreeDanca Series Vol. 1. Check out the first clip below…we can dig it.


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Courtney Stodden gyrates on Father Christmas and gets whipped by a dwarf in VERY naughty video for new Christmas …

SHE is no stranger to racy photoshoots and outrageous outfits but Courtney Stodden has outdone herself in the video for her Christmas single – Mistletoe Bikini.

The 22-year-old, who is married to Doug Hutchison, 56,  tries to seduce Father Christmas in the eyebrow raising video.

Courtney Stodden has caused a stir with her new music video

Courtney Stodden has caused a stir with her new music video

The star tries to seduce Santa in the video

The star tries to seduce Santa in the video

Dressed as a very sexy Mrs Claus, the blonde gyrates on Santa while belting out her rather naughty lyrics – which are set to leave fans saying no,  no, no rather than ho, ho, ho.

As the song’s title suggests, it’s not long until she strips down to a jewelled bikini top that barely

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Little Mix: We didn’t hold back with the lyrics on Get Weird – we’ve been naughty

Little Mix have revealed that they were very naughty when it came to writing material for their third album, Get Weird.

The girl group – made up of Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock – didn’t hold back with the lyrics but made sure to keep it appropriate for their younger fans.

Speaking to the Standard Online, Edwards said: “There’s a lot of quirky songs on this album. OMG is a bit cheeky. It’s a bit tongue in cheek.

“We didn’t hold back with the lyrics. Adidas for example is very naughty, but in an innuendo way so the young ones can listen to it and they won’t really get what it’s about. But older people will be like ‘oh right’. We kind of went all out on this album.”