Life Deconstructed: Remembering a man who was singular in his distinction – Wilkes Barre Times

I had a column planned for today, but it felt extraneous and trite and I just couldn’t get my arms around it. It wasn’t the right time.

My very best friend, a friend who I’ve been fortunate to have had as my sole gang member since fifth grade, lost her father this week. It was unexpected and devastating.

I feel the need to write about this man because he’s been in my life almost as long as my own father has. I won’t write a column each time a parent of a friend passes away, but this man was singular in his distinction and I would say, he was, without cliché, truly and precisely one-of-a-kind.

He was an average-size man whose shadow and light were bigger than life. He had a cordial dominance that commanded respect, admiration and awe. He was a giant. He was an icon. He was a hero.

My friend Denise

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Professional body could be key to modernizing police

The unprecedented model is one Ontario would be wise to study, according to Justice Michael Tulloch.

In his far-reaching report on police oversight, the Ontario Court of Appeal judge recommended Ontario give “serious consideration” to establishing a professional body for policing.

Stressing that it would not replace the watchdogs he was tasked with reviewing, such as the Special Investigations Unit, Tulloch said a college of policing could ultimately reduce the work of the province’s oversight agencies “through the selection, promotion, and support of officers who embody the ideals of professionalism.”

Among the central aims of such a college, Tulloch said, would be establishing province-wide standards for hiring and promotion. Requirements needed to enter and continue in policing “remain largely static, ill-defined, and inconsistent,” Tulloch wrote.

All police officers undergo training at the Ontario Police College, located in Aylmer, Ont. which provides basic recruit training as well as refresher and specialist courses. But some

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Guess which Msian state has the vainest kids? 7 surprising results from our Schoolbag survey!

U Mobile booKu GIF_23 Feb 2017

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Two months ago, we worked with U Mobile to ask Malaysian students what was in their schoolbags. Tying in with their launch of  booKu, a U Mobile exclusive app that lets you buy books through your mobile phone, the inaugural Malaysian SchoolBag Survey 2017 wanted to find out more about what Malaysian students brought to school now, and what they did once they were there.

And honestly, we were overwhelmed by the response. 2157 students (and 41 parents) signed up for our lengthy 30-question survey, telling us everything from the contents of their bag to how they take notes in class. And the findings were honestly fascinating. But first…

What kinda students signed up?

Here are some of the demographic stats before we

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CBB’s Kim Woodburn is writing a racy novel to rival Fifty Shades of Grey called There’s Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit …

KIM Woodburn has revealed she is working on a racy novel to rival 50 Shades of Grey.

The cleaner turned reality star, 74, plans to go up against EL James with her own book ‘There’s Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit of Filth’.

Kim Woodburn is writing her own naughty novel to rival 50 Shades

Kim Woodburn is writing her own naughty novel to rival 50 Shades

Speaking before a nightclub appearance, she revealed: “I’m 50 Shades of Filth! I’m thinking of writing a mucky book and I would call it There’s Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit of Filth’.”

The How Clean Is Your House? presenter also revealed she has a fascination with ‘real murder’ books.

She added: “Since I was a small girl I read real murder books. I swear to god it’s my bit of naughty.

“Also, royalty I have every book. Diana, you know

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Kelly Ripa received a note from her son’s teacher after he brought a somewhat naughty book to school

Kelly Ripa was probably beyond embarrassed after this!

On Wednesday night, Ripa appeared on “The Late Show” and recalled the time her son, Joaquin, brought host Stephen Colbert’s book, “I Am A Pole (And So Can You!),” to school.

“I have a bone to pick with you about a book you sold on our show,” Ripa said to the host. Colbert once appeared on her morning show to promote his children’s book; the night before his appearance, Ripa allowed Joaquin to take the book to school without thinking twice.

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“He goes to school, where the primary focus of the education is really learning how to read,” Ripa said of Joaquin, who has dyslexia. “If you master so many books, you can bring in a book of your choice, and the teacher will read the book out loud to

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Emmerdale viewers get in a fluster over Pearl’s saucy password as her secret erotica career is revealed

PEARL’S saucy side job was revealed on tonight’s Emmerdale and fans were loving her hilarious password.

During tonight’s instalment Vanessa and Rhona discovered Pearl was secretly writing a naughty novel with Tracy.

Pearl's secret hobby of penning naughty novels was discovered on tonight's Emmerdale

Pearl’s secret hobby of penning naughty novels was discovered on tonight’s Emmerdale

Rhona and Vanessa thought she might have been back her gambling ways

Rhona and Vanessa thought she might have been back her gambling ways

Viewers were tickled by her hilarious password

Viewers were tickled by her hilarious password

It all started when Vanessa and Rhona found her all flustered after speaking on the phone to Tracy.

She said: “I’ve just emailed you the latest draft, I tightened up a few segments here and there, added

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Theodore Decker: Annoying bugs stink up the winter

On these winter evenings, when the children are deep in their YouTube reverie and my wife and I have settled down for our routine head-shaking at the news, there almost certainly will come from the airspace above our heads a steady thrum that sounds like a mouse piloting an ultralight aircraft.

This has become so commonplace that we don’t need to look up. We know what it is, swooping around the room with a dumb buzz interrupted by collisions with walls and light fixtures. It is nowhere near as cute as a mouse piloting an ultralight aircraft, but it does have about the same flying skills.

It’s another stinking stink bug. 

There are stink bugs everywhere in our house during this unseasonably mild winter. Stink bugs in the kitchen. Stink bugs on the stairs. Stink bugs in the basement, in the

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