Naughty Dog: No Immediate Plans For New Uncharted Game

July 27, 2017
Written by Jason Dunning


With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy development now complete, everyone at Naughty Dog will be moving to The Last of Us Part II. While Naughty Dog has previously suggested that the Uncharted franchise isn’t done, there aren’t any immediate plans for a new game.

Speaking with Red Bull recently, The Lost Legacy Creative Director Shaun Escayg said:

We have no immediate plans [for another Uncharted game]. But if there’s anything this game proves that this world is beyond Nathan Drake, there’s other cast, other characters – you’ve got quite a vast amount of cast to pull from in the future if you so wanted.

If they do decide to make another Uncharted, Escayg said they probably won’t make it as fast as they did The Lost Legacy:

I’m going on a long vacation after this. I don’t think anyone at Naughty Dog wants to do another full game in a

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