Fired Ohio propagandize lane manager let passed dog debase in home with kids …

FOSTORIA, Ohio — A former schools lane manager is confronting mixed allegations, including promulgation bare photos to students and vouchsafing his possess children live in a home with a passed dog rotting in a bedroom.

Nelson Cousin, 28, has been charged with 3 depends of contributing to a unruliness of a child, 4 depends of child endangerment, and one count of violating a prohibitions concerning messenger animals, WTVG Channel 13 reports. He has pleaded not guilty.

Fostoria City Schools dismissed Cousin on Tuesday after being on executive leave given late March, according to a Toledo Blade.

The Blade reports that justice papers uncover that Cousins is indicted of sent bare photos of himself to dual students, ages 13 and 16, in 2016, seeking both to send bare or “naughty” cinema back. He sent a 17-year-old tyro bare cinema of himself progressing this year.

Officers searched his home in Apr and reportedly found foul

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