Excluded at Seven review – a sort of Educating Naughty Norfolk …

Jordan and Alfie are explaining why children go to their school, the Rosebery in King’s Lynn. “If you’ve been naughty,” says Jordan.

“Boys who’ve got expelled from their other schools,” says Alfie.

“You might not come here, you might go to one of those … what are they called?”

“Boarding schools for bad boys.”

“You might go there. And girls.”

Stella – who is a girl – demonstrates with Lego figures how she got excluded from her last school. This is her, walking around on top of the desks; this is the headteacher shouting: “Get off, you’re excluded.” Jordan says he nearly broke his teacher’s back.

Rosebery is a short-stay school, a nicer name for a pupil referral unit. No child, however badly behaved, should have to go to a unit, should they? This Cutting Edge documentary, Excluded at Seven (Channel 4), quietly takes a seat at the back of the youngest

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