Speeder on Santa’s naughty list

Police say it beggars belief that a motorist was allegedly clocked at 175km/h in the Mid West yesterday.

Mid West Gascoyne District Superintendent Mike Bell took to Twitter to praise Cue police for responding to the incident.

“175KPH in a 110KPH zone – it just defies belief!” he tweeted.

“@Cue_Pol keeping this driver safe and any road user in their vicinity.”

The 51-year-old Newman driver and his two adult passengers were pulled over on Great Northern Highway, about 30 kilometres north of Cue, about 1.30pm.

Asked to give a reason for his speed, he allegedly told Cue police: “I’m sorry, I was talking.”

Police charged the man with reckless driving and issued him with a surrender notice to have the car impounded for

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