Review: ‘Nana’s Naughty Knickers’ at Bowie Community Theatre

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In Bowie Community Theatre’s latest offering, Nana’s Naughty Knickers, Sylvia Charles (Shelley Rochester) is a modern-day New York widow who has a pretty big secret. When her granddaughter Bridget (Olivia Knoche) arrives to spend the summer with her between semesters of law school, Sylvia is desperate to keep Bridget from learning the secret. Not gonna happen.

Boldly going where no lips have gone before! Shelley Rochester as Sylvia and Sharon J. Zelefsky as Heather Van Pree. Photo by Terri Trembeth.

In the opening scene, Bridget arrives at Nana’s apartment with helpful – and clearly smitten – neighborhood cop Tom O’Grady (Randy Lindsay), who is valiantly struggling with a couple of large, heavy boxes. Bridget is appalled to learn that Officer O’Grady is on very friendly terms with Nana and is not at all sure she approves of the

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