Mercedes AMG S 63 review: Naughty by nature

Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany

LOVE it or hate it, there’s nothing like a Mercedes-Benz, especially when you’re talking about the flagship Sonderklasse (or Special Class) limousine – or as it’s more commonly known, the S-Class.

A mid-life makeover has given the venerable limo a freshened-up design, and has given engineers a chance to slip new features into the car. That’s important to any fan of the brand, since technology in the S-Class tends to trickle down to the other models.

Some of the new tech is meant to make driving less of a chore. The new S-Class features the latest evolution of the brand’s autonomous driving systems, with electronic systems to aid lane-change/evasive steering and even stop the car automatically to avoid an accident.

Like the other facelifted S-Class models, the S 63 tested here features a subtly updated front-end, albeit with more sporty overtones. It boasts a

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