Leeds pupils reunite after 40 years

a organisation of 50 former pupils of Leeds Girls’ High School will accommodate after 40 years during a reunion lunch this weekend.

Some of a ladies will be drifting in from Chicago, Israel, Spain and France for a special entertainment on Saturday.

Carole Davies, who is organising a eventuality alongside Helen Clappison and Paula Jackman, all of whom now live in Leeds, pronounced it was a onslaught to lane down some of a class.

They managed to find many of their aged classmates by Facebook. With a assistance of dual former pupils who are geneaologists, a ladies managed to hit all though 7 of a year.

Around 40 of a girls met adult during their 20-year reunion in 1997, though for many this will be a initial time they have seen any other given receiving their O-levels or A-levels.

Carole said: “A few of us have kept in touch

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