Secret Fork: It’s worth being ‘naughty’ at Bread & Circus

The Fork staff loves a good sandwich.

So, when Bread Circus Sandwich Kitchen opened, we were pretty excited. Bread Circus is located in the former Taste of the Big Apple location, 600 N. Main Ave.

The indoor space is, shall we say, a bit intimate. It’s also a bit spartan at the moment. Perhaps some updated décor is on its way, but these guys have their priorities straight — food wins over ambiance any day. Plus, when the weather isn’t freezing cold or blisteringly hot, there is more seating on the patio area.

The owners are Sioux Falls natives who ventured out West to Portland to cast their lots. We’re always glad to welcome our prodigal sons and daughters back to God’s country, and in this case, we appreciate them bringing a little of that PDX hipster foodie vibe with them.

You can tell Bread Circus

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