It’s not Theresa May who should rebuke naughty ministers. It’s her backbenchers.

Theresa May is to rebuke her Cabinet tomorrow for the way its members have been behaving over the past week. What started as ‘warm prosecco’ plotting, as Damian Green put it, has now moved to open insults being traded over top notch champagne at Westminster parties and ministers telling journalists the gory details of Cabinet meetings. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said this morning that ‘what I would say is of course cabinet must be able to hold discussions on government policy in private and the Prime Minister will be reminding her colleagues of that at Cabinet meeting tomorrow.’

Given the way the Conservative party operates in febrile times, chances are that the content of this rebuke and the reaction will already have leaked before the Number 10 spokesman has made his way over from Downing Street to brief journalists after the meeting. Tory MPs love nothing better than to tell

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