So, little brothers are actually BORN naughty, study finds

The relationship you have with your siblings are unlike any other.

When you were kids, you fought, hit, shouted and screamed at them all day long, and if you told your parents about their naughty behaviour? ‘They didn’t mean it, they’re only young‘, are the words you’d hear them say.

And let’s not get started on little brothers… they did just about anything to wind you up back in the day.

Well, older siblings, prepare to feel very smug because science has just found out something that you have known all along.

Little brothers are born naughty.

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Yep, scientists studied datasets from Florida, all the way to Denmark and found that little brothers just can’t help themselves from being bold.

In the report, named Birth Order and Delinquency (what a name), the researchers said: “In families with two or more children, second-born boys are on the order of

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