Life Deconstructed: Remembering a man who was singular in his distinction – Wilkes Barre Times

I had a column planned for today, but it felt extraneous and trite and I just couldn’t get my arms around it. It wasn’t the right time.

My very best friend, a friend who I’ve been fortunate to have had as my sole gang member since fifth grade, lost her father this week. It was unexpected and devastating.

I feel the need to write about this man because he’s been in my life almost as long as my own father has. I won’t write a column each time a parent of a friend passes away, but this man was singular in his distinction and I would say, he was, without cliché, truly and precisely one-of-a-kind.

He was an average-size man whose shadow and light were bigger than life. He had a cordial dominance that commanded respect, admiration and awe. He was a giant. He was an icon. He was a hero.

My friend Denise

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