Smoking mums more likely to have naughty kids, study shows

Kids born to mums who smoke are more likely to be an antisocial teen and their loutish behaviour increases the more their mums puff away.

They are more at risk of getting a criminal record for violence, theft or vandalism than those who were not exposed to tobacco toxins in the womb.

Although the numbers of mums who smoke has dropped those who do tend to be teenage mums and the poorest in society.

The study compared mums who admit to smoking during pregnancy and the criminal records of their children.

It found mothers of nearly three fifths of anti-social teens – 59 per cent – had smoked while pregnant with them, and in just over a third of cases, their mothers had smoked at least one pack of cigarettes a day.

Smoking an extra pack of cigarettes a day was associated with 30 per cent greater

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