17 Mike Pence NASA Memes As Naughty As The Vice President

The vice president appeared to have flagrantly broken a sacred “Do Not Touch” rule on Thursday while visiting the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. A photo of Mike Pence touching NASA equipment that he clearly wasn’t supposed to set off a round of reactions on social media, which inadvertently turned the moment into a meme.

The photo captures Pence with his hand stretched out against the side of a capsule that he was, in fact, not authorized to touch. According to the sign taped to the side of the space-related hardware, the equipment Pence touched is “critical space flight hardware.” And right below those words, in bold red lettering, was the crucial warning: “DO NOT TOUCH.”

And yet, Pence touched it. You might even say he was caught red-handed. According to The Verge, the equipment that Pence was not supposed to touch appeared to

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