‘The Little Hours’ review: Naughty farce mostly wastes good cast

A randy handyman, naughty nuns and a clothing-optional coven cause no end of agita in “The Little Hours,” a 14th-century farce that, given its comically credentialed players, ought to be a great deal funnier.

Inspired by stories from Giovanni Boccaccio’s “The Decameron” — seasoned with a sprinkling of Monty Python — writer and director Jeff Baena turns an Italian convent into a hotbed of repressed desires. Boccaccio might have had medieval audiences rolling in the aisles, but Baena squanders an R rating and a roster of household names while managing to raise little more than a smile.

At times, the atmosphere is so clubby that the actors seem to be performing mainly for one another. Centering on three irreverent nuns played by Aubrey Plaza (witchy and bitchy), Alison Brie (frustrated and snooty) and Kate Micucci (bi-curious and babyish), the goofy plot never finds its groove. Molly Shannon, in the role of senior

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