New Zealand aquarium’s ‘naughty penguin’ shamed for stealing fish …

July 5 (UPI) — An aquarium in New Zealand shamed a fish-stealing penguin by giving it the title of “Naughty penguin of the month.”

The National Aquarium of New Zealand shared a photo of the monthly award that shamed a penguin named Timmy after he “stole fish” and “pushed another penguin over.”

“Every month our penguin keepers tell the world about our naughtiest and best behaved penguins! This was the list for June,” the aquarium said.

The aquarium also highlighted the month’s “good penguin,” Betty, celebrating her as a “good swimmer” that “waited patiently for fish.”

After the aquarium’s post about Timmy went viral, it attempted to share more information about the naughty penguin.

“We love Timmy, however he’s a regular offender of stealing fish and pushing other penguins out the way while flicking up sand in the process!” The aquarium said.

Timmy was discovered injured on a beach

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