Naughty Boy: ‘Marty Bandier taught me to be a bit of a gangsta at publishing’

The career trajectory of Naughty Boy – aka Shahid Khan – has been one of the most impressive, and heartening, in the British music industry of the past decade.

Back in the mid-noughties, Khan was working for Domino’s Pizza in his hometown of Watford, having dropped out of a Business degree at London Guildhall University.

Determined to make something of his musical talent, he realized he needed a cash injection.

Hordes of applications later, he scored two breaks: first, he was approved for a £5,000 grant from the Prince’s Trust to assist with the creation of his own business.

And second – in a plot twist which will surely have Hollywood come knocking one day – he won £44,000 on daytime TV game-show Deal Or No Deal.

With this startup capital, Naughty Boy got to work, building a makeshift recording studio in his parents’ garden shed and laying down early professional-quality demos.

From there, he signed

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