Ask ‘naughty’ children for their side of the story – expert

Forget smacking – one expert is now saying parents shouldn’t discipline at all without first hearing their child’s version of events.

Dr Anna Martin has been carrying out research into the effects and effectiveness of different forms of discipline on children. She told The AM Show on Thursday parents are too quick to assume they know what’s going on, when they really don’t.

“As soon as we hear some sort of commotion we’ve actually decided what’s happened, how it’s going to unfold and what we’re going to do about it before we’re even aware of that,” the family therapist said.

“That’s all because there’s a whole lot of beliefs – our childhood experiences come into play, socio-cultural experiences come into play. We really need to stop first and go, ‘Hold on – I don’t actually know what’s happened here. I need to go and ask my child.'”

Without taking that step, she says children

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