Hop on the naughty with the first ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ trailer

Jingle bells, Kristen Bell, here comes another naughty Christmas comedy film. “A Bad Moms Christmas,” with Bell and co-stars Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn, will be riding along in this year’s sleigh of holiday films.

“Bad Moms Christmas” reintroduces audiences to the rowdy trio of Amy, Kiki and Carla from the franchise’s 2016 hit “Bad Moms” and their suburban PTA antics. Just add some mistletoe for this time around.

The trailer begins with idyllic wintertime scenes and Kunis narrating about the fact that maternal love and perseverance make up the essential glue that keeps everything together during the holiday season. It soon becomes clear that “A Bad Moms Christmas,” however, will not be lauding the unsung heroes of St. Nick’s day. Mocking lines like “Mom’s don’t enjoy, they give joy” suggest that this film will follow the original formula of “ladies on the loose,” plenty of second wave feminism and

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