The 2018 Red Hot Calendar Is Looking For More Sexy Redheads For Us To Swoon Over

If you’ve followed Thomas Knights’ “Red Hot” series, we know he has a present for capturing pleasing redheads. Over 5 years, four calendars, an art exhibit, and dual coffee list books, Knights has given us some of a many overwhelming carrot-tops in nature.

Now he and art executive Elliott James Freize are removing prepared to fire a 2018 “Red Hot British Boys” calendar, and they’ve put out a indication call. (Because there’s zero utterly like a ginger in a wild, right?)

“We are looking for 9 clean ginger group formed in a UK to join a 3 Red Hot British Boys—Rob, Alex and Chris—in a 2018 calendar,” Knights says in a press release. “You need to have a large face, good physique and overwhelming personality, natural

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