Tempe councilman’s naughty behavior costing taxpayers $18000


A very expensive slap on the wrist for a Tempe city councilman, and you paid for it. 

Earlier this year, the council voted to officially reprimand Councilman Kolby Granville for swearing at a city employee. Now, there’s some more trouble. 

The City of Tempe spent $18,000 just to tell one councilman that his actions were officially not appreciated. It became a pair of very expensive no-no’s. 

In January, the Tempe City Council said the councilman barked an expletive at a city employee.

In April, Granville allegedly called a citizen a psycho stalker on Facebook for posting a picture of the councilman. 

Mario Martinez was that citizen.

“It shows that he did something wrong.”

In both cases, the city hired  outside lawyers to investigate. Both times, the lawyers decided the council could punish Granville with an official reprimand.

The total bill for those opinions, so

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