How Troy Baker’s Naughty Dog work influenced ‘Shadow of War’

It’s a simple, perhaps unexpected, way to coax a different kind of a performance from an actor. “I have an answer in my back pocket [as a director], but it’s probably not going to be as connected to you as the one you [the actor] have right here. So tell me what you think.”

Baker said that that sort of question requires a lot of trust: trust from the director in his or her actors, and for an actor to trust themselves to come up with a character-appropriate response. It also takes humility on the director’s part, knowing they won’t always have the best ideas on-set.

“For me it’s asking questions, being open to the answer and not just trying to lead people to your answer,” Baker said.

But that gets tricky when you’re playing a principal role both onscreen and behind the camera. Baker admitted he needed a lot of direction with

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