‘Naughty tags’ put on overfilled bins by Plymouth City Council

A city council in Devon is cracking down on homes which do not abide by new waste collection rules. In a bid to get the city “cleaner and greener” the authority is clamping down on anyone who does not put their bins out in the right way.

Plymouth City Council has also rolled out alternate weekly collections as a money saving exercise.

Confused and frustrated Plymouth residents contacted the Plymouth Herald to say stickers had been put on some bins which cannot be collected due to being contaminated or in some case are “too heavy”.

A spokesperson for Plymouth City Council said: “As part of the council’s drive to get the city cleaner and greener, we are getting tougher with people who do not put their bins or bags out correctly.

“Our crews are being instructed to make sure they tick on the tag what the issue is so that it is clear for

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