Theresa May’s naughty confession is one of the best flags at Glastonbury

As well as all the music and celebrity-spotting, one of the things we love most at Glastonbury are the plethora of amusing flags.

And given the heated political climate at the moment, you would expect plenty of digs at politicians. Well, this year has been no exception, and unsurprisingly the best so far has involved Theresa May.

If you remember during the General Election campaign, the Prime Minister was asked what the naughtiest thing she had ever done was, to which she revealed she ran through fields of wheat when she was younger… and those farmers were not best pleased!

Well, one hilarious Glasto punter has now immortalised that claim in a flag, the picture depicting May in a field of wheat.

Very well done to you, sir or madam.

Today’s (June 23) festival action has

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