Losing Lost Vagueness: remembering Glastonbury’s first ‘naughty corner’

The morning sun slowly cooks the inside of your tent. You wipe away the mud flaking on your brow, and with a cider-induced thunderstorm crashing inside your skull you come around, and you ask yourself: did I get married last night?

Many who went to Glastonbury in the mid-2000s and visited Lost Vagueness, the festival’s first after-hours party area, may well recognise this scenario. It hosted the Chapel of Love, an anarchic marriage institution that unofficially wed inebriated attendees (allegedly including Kate Moss and Pete Doherty) as well as offering a boxing ring for those who weren’t getting along so well.

It was all part of a muddy take on immersive theatre, albeit one with a “turn a blind eye” policy to patrons bringing their own drugs and booze. Lost Vagueness’s psychedelic backyard version of Vegas – presented through a blend of Victorian freak show dress up, cabaret,

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