How Naughty Dog broke Sony’s hardware rules to create Crash Bandicoot

The first thing that totally freaked them out was this idea that the game was constantly reading from the CD at 300 kilobytes a second…They were very worried that if they shipped this game, all the PlayStations in the world would break because their CD drives would melt.

– Programmer Dave Baggett shares the story of a programming trick that had Sony sweating bullets. 

With a made-from-scratch remaster of Crash Bandicoot on the way, Polygon reached out to every single member of the development team behind the first Crash Bandicoot game to craft an extensive oral history and nail down how that iconic PlayStation title came to be. 

The full piece is packed with both entertaining and interesting stories from the Crash Bandicoot’s development process and is well worth a read if you’ve got the time. One such story, shared by Naughty Dog co-founder Andy Gavin and programmer Dave Baggett explores how a programming trick had

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