Naughty Dog on Lost Legacy – and the future of Uncharted

Published 21/06/2017

Uncharted and The Last of Us studio Naughty Dog has been clear on one thing – Uncharted 4 was the end of Nathan Drake’s story. The famed treasure hunter does not even get a cameo in the upcoming Uncharted spin-off Lost Legacy to avoid undoing anything from the last game’s ending.

Instead, Lost Legacy gives the limelight over to two of Uncharted’s fan-favourite side-characters – Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer – as they team up to take on their own adventure.

But Lost Legacy was always planned as something a little extra – first as a downloadable chapter, now expanded into a full game. But how big a game? And what’s next? Is this only the first such side-adventure planned? We chatted to Lost Legacy’s creative director and writer Shaun Escayg at E3 last week for more on the game, and to find out

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