Summer with a Naughty Blonde

A summer beer for the mischievous and bold, the Naughty Blonde Ale from the brewmasters at Naughty Monk Brewery has quickly risen to the top of the Lakewood Ranch-based brewhouse’s select craft offerings thanks to a strong signature flavor, high alcohol content and perfect pairing with the summer heat. A Belgian-style blonde ale, the Naughty Blonde brings together crystal hops, orange peels, coriander and a few secret ingredients the house keeps under wraps for a summer ale both crisp and light, but with a healthy kick and malty finish. A spin-off, or “little sister,” of Naughty Monk’s Mad Willie Tripel, the goal was to great a lighter version. Coming in at 6-percent alcohol content, the Naughty Blonde remains a stronger draft than some are accustomed to, but that’s just the Belgian style, say the folks at Naughty Monk. For those not able to make it out to Lakewood Ranch, Gold

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