"There Was More Nudity": 13 Years of Photos from Glasto’s Naughty Corner

Blessings to anyone with friends in the British music industry, because for the next five days you won’t be able to get more out of them than “u goin glasto m8? absolute carnage on the way again lol” WhatsApps. It’s that time again, when the UK’s biggest music festival looms. Though the almost week-long event – spanning secret sets, living art installations and an actual bar dug into the dirt each year – has changed a ridiculous amount in its 47 years, it has still held on, white-knuckled, to some of its original anarchic spirit.

Just ask photographer 69-year-old Barry Lewis, who’s been documenting the festival’s late-night party areas and stages (nicknamed “the Naughty Corner”) for years. It’s the part of Glasto that women who go to prosecco brunches and men who do Crossfit reckon is just “a bit much”, where you’re as likely to find someone dressed head-to-toe

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