Forget Wheat Fields – Theresa May Just Threw A Naughty Mexican Wave At A Football Match

Remember that awkward moment last week when Prime Minister Theresa May revealed the ‘naughtiest’ thing she’d ever done was ‘run through the fields of wheat’, much to the farmer’s annoyance, and the whole world coughed as a ball of tumble weed blew past?

Well, you can forget crop circle and Children of the Corn theories because the PM was just caught on camera doing, quite possibly, the naughtiest thing yet.

You guessed it, she participated in a Mexican wave.

I know right? That Theresa is a heathen.

Theresa May joins thousands of people in a Mexican wave. Only she could make it look like she’s doing it by herself.

— Ben Kentish (@BenKentish) June 13, 2017

On Monday, the PM attempted to join in with the Stade de France crowd’s

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