Durban toddler refuses to accept that she’s been naughty

There’s just something about a child arguing their case with their parents that makes it so adorable to watch, especially when they try to justify their argument. 

Remember the ‘Linda, honey’ boy who voiced his argument about cupcakes to his mom a few years back? Well, this Durban toddler’s argument game is way stronger than his.

According to Times Live, three-year-old Taylor Morrison has become something of an internet sensation. Taylor’s mom, Kim, caught her daughter on camera dismissing claims that she belongs in the ‘naughty corner’. 

A previous video of her also made the rounds and ended up going viral – to the point that her mom set up a Facebook page for her, called ‘Taylor’s Terrible/Cute Two’s’, showcasing videos and pictures of the toddler. 

As for this argument, Taylor refutes claims made by her mom and refuses to accept anything else. Could this be the most entertaining toddler ever?

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