DXC Technology puts reluctant office movers on naughty step • The …

DXC Technology staff who continue to ignore orders to haul their asses 4km (2.5 miles) across London to repopulate shiny offices in Kings Cross will soon be locked out of the building they’re reluctant to exit.

Top brass at DXC – a spin-merge (with a reputation for “fun-ishment”) between CSC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s outsourcing services division – told UK sales and leadership teams, as well as the global functions unit, to relocate from current digs in Walbrook near Bank station by 5 June.

But not many were keen and so the gentle request has changed in tone to something a little more draconian. Nick Wilson, UK CEO, sent a memo to staff late last week:

A number of you were notified that this will be your operating location going forward… As we have gone through the first week it has been great to see its adoption but this has only

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