“Beth Consetta Rubel: Higher Learning: Educational Toys”

Race in America is both hard and soft. Sometimes we want it diluted to nonexistence. Other times we want it solid and unavoidable. Is it a social construct or a legitimate distinction? That ambivalence is central to Beth Consetta Rubel’s “Higher Learning: Educational Toys.” A series of colored pencil portraits features influential African-Americans including Hattie McDaniel, Prince, Snoop Dogg, and President Obama. Each of the portraits is made on a brown paper bag, suggesting the fragility of paper, the temporality of trash, and the mundanity of low-end consumerism. It is a poignant choice when dealing with such powerful personalities. Obama’s mouth is agape, sucking on a giant pink ice cream scoop. This, along with Rubel’s fluid, illustrative drawing style, make it a personable caricature, an effect emphasized by the texture of the bag, most notable in the seam that bisects Obama’s face. The seam echoes the crack in the famous

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