Naughty PM reveals field days: Five things we learned from election campaign

Here are five things we learned during the General Election campaign on Tuesday:

1. May reveals the naughtiest thing she has done

Theresa May was an unlikely wild child. The Prime Minister rocked the nation to its core when she revealed that the naughtiest thing she had ever done was to “run through the fields of wheat” as a child. In an interview with ITV’s Julie Etchingham, the vicar’s daughter clearly struggled to come up with anything when asked about her most mischievous childhood exploits, until finally admitting her darkest secret.

2. Tory Greg Knight goes viral with campaign song

Sir Greg Knight could have another career in radio. The Tory candidate drew comparisons to TV character Alan Partridge when an awkward campaign video with a catchy jingle went viral. No expense was spared for the video, filmed in a sparsely furnished office containing a party activist busy at his computer, with Sir Greg

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