Naughty Opposition whistles at the lady finance minister – The Nation

LAHORE –  Opposition tore apart the Punjab budget yesterday blowing the whistle on the lady Finance Minister who finished off her speech with poetic expressions.

After all she was not walking in the street wearing a skirt.

They also do not belong to an ordinary folk on the street. But still they chose to blow whistles at her.

Assembly presented the scene of a street theatre for well over two hours. Political actors adopted a novel but a second-rate method to upset the apple cart.

Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal was just helpless to maintain order in the House.

The PTI-led Opposition launched the offensive in the very beginning, and it was so strong that only a woman with steady nerves could bear this up.

Barring the women legislators, all the PTI legislators were equipped with whistles which they would blow quite frequently to disrupt the budget speech. The Assembly floor was littered with copies of the

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