Ex-BBC presenter denies behaving sex acts on boys | Daily Mail …

An ex-BBC presenter who denies child sex offences during ‘petting’ sessions in open woodland claimed she was body-conscious though acted exposed for a ‘Naughty But Nice’ gift calendar, a justice has heard.

Julie Wadsworth went exposed for Children in Need as Lady Godiva and also acted in white suspenders for trucker fans of a late night radio uncover she common with father Tony Wadsworth, 69. 

She said: ‘On a show, Tony played a ‘twang’ when they (the trucker listeners) phoned in to a radio hire and spoke to me.

‘I acted for a pin-up character print with suspenders where if we clicked on a mechanism picture of me we would hear a twang. It was only impertinent really.’

Mrs Wadsworth, 60, who had a follower pursuit to boost her confidence, also suggested her father had shot an up-skirt video of his wife. 

The former DJ pronounced a video was

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