How to Ruin a Teenager’s Life

I know this will be a startle to everyone, though teenagers are carrying sex. Probably during a really impulse you’re reading this. In many states, it’s ideally authorised for them to have sex during 16 or older. And many each teen now has a smartphone that will save voice messages, take pictures, or record video.

Of course, younger teenagers — 12- to 15-year-olds — are dating, too, in that arrange of tasty theatre where French kissing is transgressive and OMG she let me hold her … we remember, right? And those younger teenagers also have dungeon phones that can take cinema and record audio and video—along with applications like Snapchat that guarantee ideal privacy. (Falsely, of course, given we can always make a screenshot, though that’s what they promise.)

Add to that a fact that many people do find it kind of, well, hawt, to share risque cinema with

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