Sheryl Crow’s sons rewrite her hits with naughty lyrics

Mark Seliger

Sheryl Crow‘s two sons, ages six and nine, aren’t very impressed by the fact that their mom’s a rock star — but they sure have fun making up naughty lyrics to her hits.

Sheryl tells Redbook magazine, “They take my songs and change them, like ‘Are You Strong Enough to
Be My Butt.’ ‘All I Wanna Do Is Fart on You’ is a favorite. They’re super into potty talk.”

But Sheryl says the fact that she made her current album Be Myself at home in her barn really made it clear to the boys just what it is mom does for a living.

“I would drop my kids off at school, then go to the barn and record,” she explains. “I’d take a break to pick up the boys and then work again until 5:30, and all of us would

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