Was ‘2 Broke Girls’ the filthiest show to ever air on network TV?

Max Black (Kat Dennings), Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) and Han Lee (Matthew Moy) in a scene from “2 Broke Girls.” (Robert Voets/CBS)

On a recent episode of “2 Broke Girls,” Max (Kat Dennings) complained to her fellow waitress, Caroline (Beth Behrs), that work at the diner was boring because they had no customers.

“First of all, you’re forgetting the pack of dogs that wandered in, had an orgy and left,” Caroline said.

“Probably easy for me to forget, ’cause I wasn’t the one they tried to have sex with!” Max replied.

The laugh track roared over that exchange, which occurred in the first 10 seconds of the episode. As far as shock-value, it barely registered. In fact, it’s more challenging to stumble upon a scene from “2 Broke Girls” that doesn’t have a lewd comment. The sitcom, canceled last week after six seasons, will be remembered —

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