Inside Hotel Byblos, a St.-Tropez Celebrity Playground for Everyone From Grace Kelly to Mick Jagger

When Brigitte Bardot filmed And God Created Woman in a afterwards different Provençal encampment of St.-Tropez in 1955, a sex-kitten actress’s allure was so absolute she put a exhausted city on a jet-set map. She also desirous a soft Lebanese businessman named Jean-Prosper Gay-Para to build a hotel and nightclub in a place that Bardot had come to adore in hopes of courtship a actress. Opened in 1967, a Byblos Hotel and a on-site nightclub, Les Caves du Roy, fast became synonymous with luminary joie de vivre (Gay-Para was incompetent to win Bardot’s affections, though she did uncover adult for a opening festivities, that spanned 3 days and totaled 700 guests).