Meet Girl Ultra, a Bleeding-Heart R&B Diva From Mexico City

As she sits for an interview at the Finesse Records HQ, a rooftop apartment in Mexico City, Mariana de Miguel (call her Nan) is getting historic about the inspiration for her persona as RB singer Girl Ultra. She’s pulling her role as the diva in Finesse’s RB movement into focus.

“The actresses of Mexico’s golden age of film — onstage, my posture – they affect it a lot,” she says. “I watched those movies with my dad and the divas really drew my attention. Especially Silvia Pinal; look her up, you’ll see.”

Pinal is worth the research. She made her movie debut at 18, building a career for herself playing softspoken but dominant bombshells. She was famous for quick, sensual shifts in her face that entranced audiences. In her films, she stopped admirers on the street in their tracks, and caused her amorous victims to make rash decisions

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