Much has been made of the Trump administration concealing the visitors log so the public can’t see who’s leaving a trail of slime in and out of the White House. It really makes me wonder what kind of sludge they would be ashamed to be associated with if they’re sharing photos of the likes of Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock standing around Trump at the Resolute Desk. Wanna throw up yet? I’m with ya’.

These are some of those consequences of elections they talk about. Conservatives had a hard time with White House visits by Al Sharpton, Jay Z, and Beyonce. But this assortment of loons is a basket of deplorables.

Ted Nugent, whose most famous song is about “vagina grabbing,” has made veiled threats to kill Obama, who he’s also called a “subhuman mongrel.” Anyone who’s made threats

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