Guess which Msian state has the vainest kids? 7 surprising results from our Schoolbag survey!

U Mobile booKu GIF_23 Feb 2017

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Two months ago, we worked with U Mobile to ask Malaysian students what was in their schoolbags. Tying in with their launch of  booKu, a U Mobile exclusive app that lets you buy books through your mobile phone, the inaugural Malaysian SchoolBag Survey 2017 wanted to find out more about what Malaysian students brought to school now, and what they did once they were there.

And honestly, we were overwhelmed by the response. 2157 students (and 41 parents) signed up for our lengthy 30-question survey, telling us everything from the contents of their bag to how they take notes in class. And the findings were honestly fascinating. But first…

What kinda students signed up?

Here are some of the demographic stats before we

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