CBB’s Kim Woodburn is writing a racy novel to rival Fifty Shades of Grey called There’s Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit …

KIM Woodburn has revealed she is working on a racy novel to rival 50 Shades of Grey.

The cleaner turned reality star, 74, plans to go up against EL James with her own book ‘There’s Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit of Filth’.

Kim Woodburn is writing her own naughty novel to rival 50 Shades

Kim Woodburn is writing her own naughty novel to rival 50 Shades

Speaking before a nightclub appearance, she revealed: “I’m 50 Shades of Filth! I’m thinking of writing a mucky book and I would call it There’s Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit of Filth’.”

The How Clean Is Your House? presenter also revealed she has a fascination with ‘real murder’ books.

She added: “Since I was a small girl I read real murder books. I swear to god it’s my bit of naughty.

“Also, royalty I have every book. Diana, you know

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Kelly Ripa received a note from her son’s teacher after he brought a somewhat naughty book to school

Kelly Ripa was probably beyond embarrassed after this!

On Wednesday night, Ripa appeared on “The Late Show” and recalled the time her son, Joaquin, brought host Stephen Colbert’s book, “I Am A Pole (And So Can You!),” to school.

“I have a bone to pick with you about a book you sold on our show,” Ripa said to the host. Colbert once appeared on her morning show to promote his children’s book; the night before his appearance, Ripa allowed Joaquin to take the book to school without thinking twice.

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“He goes to school, where the primary focus of the education is really learning how to read,” Ripa said of Joaquin, who has dyslexia. “If you master so many books, you can bring in a book of your choice, and the teacher will read the book out loud to

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The formidable charge that is shopping a condom

Most Kenyans have a disastrous notice and wrong informative opinion towards sex. So many so that to most, articulate about it is deliberate taboo

It’s hapless that we live in a multitude where sex has been demonised, and people from some buliding even tenure it evil. Consequently, this wrong notice continues to generate a stupidity that shrouds sex among Kenyans and Africans in general, in a process, exposing Kenyans to lethal diseases and neglected pregnancies.

Most Kenyans have a disastrous notice and wrong informative opinion towards sex. So many so that to most, articulate about it is deliberate taboo. You discuss sex and some people squirm. This state of affairs has led to an ungainly conditions whereby some Kenyans find it easier to have sex than speak about it!

Many people in relations and in marriage, generally comparison and regressive ones, can demonstrate to this; they never speak about it, they only have

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Emmerdale viewers get in a fluster over Pearl’s saucy password as her secret erotica career is revealed

PEARL’S saucy side job was revealed on tonight’s Emmerdale and fans were loving her hilarious password.

During tonight’s instalment Vanessa and Rhona discovered Pearl was secretly writing a naughty novel with Tracy.

Pearl's secret hobby of penning naughty novels was discovered on tonight's Emmerdale

Pearl’s secret hobby of penning naughty novels was discovered on tonight’s Emmerdale

Rhona and Vanessa thought she might have been back her gambling ways

Rhona and Vanessa thought she might have been back her gambling ways

Viewers were tickled by her hilarious password

Viewers were tickled by her hilarious password

It all started when Vanessa and Rhona found her all flustered after speaking on the phone to Tracy.

She said: “I’ve just emailed you the latest draft, I tightened up a few segments here and there, added

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West Richland male crosses state line to have sex with teen, now going to sovereign jail – Tri

A West Richland male is going to sovereign jail for perplexing to accommodate adult with a 13-year-old lady to have sex on 3 apart occasions.

What Dale H. Weber, 53, didn’t know during a time that a “naughty immature girl” with whom he’d been chatting online indeed was an clandestine officer.

Weber was arrested when he showed adult during a third scheduled meeting. He had a new prepaid phone in his automobile dictated for a girl, since she claimed she had difficulty gripping in hit since her relatives didn’t bucket her phone with adequate minutes.

At slightest one of a meetings was ostensible to occur opposite a limit in Oregon.

On Wednesday, Judge Sal Mendoza Jr. condemned Weber to 6 1/2 years in a control of a Bureau of Prisons.

“I entirely take shortcoming for my actions,” Weber pronounced during a conference in sovereign justice in Richland, according to a news release. He

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Sext like an expert

This is a no-brainer, though password-protect everything. Check a remoteness settings on your browser and any dating and messaging apps you’re using. Public Wi-Fi networks aren’t secure, so “Don’t sext during Starbucks,” Slane said. Find out if there are any settings on your phone, mechanism or inscription that automatically share photos and messages between devices, and spin those options off. And — this is critical — make certain your partner does a same.
Know your options if something goes wrong 

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David Schleicher, Board of Contributors: Trump’s on a rampage, though demeanour during that puppy! – Waco Tribune

David Schleicher is an profession with offices in Waco, Houston, and Washington, D.C. He was before a authority of a McLennan County Democratic Party and a Waco ISD trustee.

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