Theodore Decker: Annoying bugs stink up the winter

On these winter evenings, when the children are deep in their YouTube reverie and my wife and I have settled down for our routine head-shaking at the news, there almost certainly will come from the airspace above our heads a steady thrum that sounds like a mouse piloting an ultralight aircraft.

This has become so commonplace that we don’t need to look up. We know what it is, swooping around the room with a dumb buzz interrupted by collisions with walls and light fixtures. It is nowhere near as cute as a mouse piloting an ultralight aircraft, but it does have about the same flying skills.

It’s another stinking stink bug. 

There are stink bugs everywhere in our house during this unseasonably mild winter. Stink bugs in the kitchen. Stink bugs on the stairs. Stink bugs in the basement, in the

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