Eastenders’ Mick Carter made a naughty joke about Holly Willoughby on last night’s show

By Cathy Donohue

Were you watching last night’s episode?

The Albert Square residents are full of Christmas cheer this week and as is standard practice for many, Mick Carter had a last-minute Christmas present dilemma during last night’s episode.

Chatting to sister Tina and daughter Whitney, he asked them to help him get a gift for his wife Linda.

Whitney happened to mention that Holly Willougby had a necklace similar to one stolen from Linda in a recent robbery.

This was prime time for Mick to chime in with “top marks for just noticing the necklace eh” and Linda replied “”ooh yea lovely errrr lady” while holding her chest.

Of course, viewers had a giggle at the scene and I wonder if Holly’s heard about the reference yet…