Kreesha Turner is Such a Tease With this New “Boy Shorts” Song


Jamaican/Canadian singer Kreesha Turner is already sexy as hell, so it’s like a double standard when she sings naughty lyrics.

On her new island-tinged offering, ‘Boy Shorts,’ written by R. City Daaron Anthony and produced by Yonni, the RB beauty hypnotizes with sensual lyrics about gratifying her man.

“I wear it so you can see it, you whisper ‘you gon’ get it’ / You say you like it when I tease ya, baby, no I’m teasing,” she sings.

‘Boy Shorts’ follows the recently released, ‘I Will Be Here,’ a record that served as a promo for a new cosmetic line.

In related news, Kreesha recently teamed with Puma for the viral video series #KreeDanca Series Vol. 1. Check out the first clip below…we can dig it.


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Psst! Here’s how to seize a intrigue woman

Woman staring divided [Photo; Courtesy]

Unlike throwing a intrigue man, nabbing an dishonest lady is not easy. However, TONY MALESI explains a really easy approach to do so

Infidelity, suspected or confirmed, has critical and harmful psychological effects on a partner in a attribute or marriage.

Truth is, only like men, many women cheat. The notice that women don’t lie (or lie less, compared to men) stems from a fact that they devise and govern infidelity with a high turn of precision.

They do this since a risks and they know a consequences of being held are dire.

Take Mr Muli for instance. A no-nonsense male who resolutely brags that no lady (including his ex-girlfriends in his heyday) can or has ever cheated on him.

“No lady has ever played me. All a women who have been in my life know we don’t take prisoners. And if we get a smallest spirit that my stream wife

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Courtney Stodden gyrates on Father Christmas and gets whipped by a dwarf in VERY naughty video for new Christmas …

SHE is no stranger to racy photoshoots and outrageous outfits but Courtney Stodden has outdone herself in the video for her Christmas single – Mistletoe Bikini.

The 22-year-old, who is married to Doug Hutchison, 56,  tries to seduce Father Christmas in the eyebrow raising video.

Courtney Stodden has caused a stir with her new music video

Courtney Stodden has caused a stir with her new music video

The star tries to seduce Santa in the video

The star tries to seduce Santa in the video

Dressed as a very sexy Mrs Claus, the blonde gyrates on Santa while belting out her rather naughty lyrics – which are set to leave fans saying no,  no, no rather than ho, ho, ho.

As the song’s title suggests, it’s not long until she strips down to a jewelled bikini top that barely

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Eastenders’ Mick Carter made a naughty joke about Holly Willoughby on last night’s show

By Cathy Donohue

Were you watching last night’s episode?

The Albert Square residents are full of Christmas cheer this week and as is standard practice for many, Mick Carter had a last-minute Christmas present dilemma during last night’s episode.

Chatting to sister Tina and daughter Whitney, he asked them to help him get a gift for his wife Linda.

Whitney happened to mention that Holly Willougby had a necklace similar to one stolen from Linda in a recent robbery.

This was prime time for Mick to chime in with “top marks for just noticing the necklace eh” and Linda replied “”ooh yea lovely errrr lady” while holding her chest.

Of course, viewers had a giggle at the scene and I wonder if Holly’s heard about the reference yet…

TV horde Carrie Keagan spills celebrities’ expletive-laden stories in ‘Everybody Curses, we Swear’

George Clooney, Matt Damon and Jennifer Lawrence have all talked unwashed to Carrie Keagan.

It has zero to do with a fact she’s a tall, chubby blond who keeps her breasts on consistent display. Keagan is a horde of “No Good TV,” a YouTube channel with 2 billion views — and counting.

The biggest names in Hollywood stop by to abuse with desert and tell rarely fabricated, faulty tales.

In her new book, “Everybody Curses, we Swear!” on sale Jan. 10, Keagan shares a disobedient stories (including some that can’t be steady in a family newspaper).

George Clooney dumbfounded about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie divorce

In fact, Justin Timberlake was repelled by how “in a gutter” his talk was. And it turns out that Sandra Bullock has utterly a mouth on her.

Producer Judd Apatow utterly frankly explained how “hookers and blow” found their approach onto a set of

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