Meet a lady who gets paid to sext

College kids are scandalous for doing anything to make some cash, though Sarah, a 19-year-old McGill student, competence have one of a many engaging jobs on campus.

As a professional sexter, Sarah says she creates thousands of dollars swapping disobedient pics and messages on Arousr, a sexting app. We talked to Sarah about a ins-and-outs of her unusual career.

How did we get into veteran sexting?

A crony who also does it told me about it. Actually, it was a lot easier than we thought. we graphic carrying to burst on a camera exposed and all kinds of other freaky things though it wasn’t like that during all.

I filled out an focus on their website and sent a few photos along. A few weeks later, my boss, Linda, contacted me by phone. She asked me a few questions and told me to send explanation of my age. To be honest, this done me feel some-more during ease. At

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