Life in Pieces Season 2 Preview with Dan Bakkedahl – Today’s …

CBS’ charming family sitcom Life in Pieces whips out some big guns in its Season 2 premiere Thursday. First, there’s real-life married duo/comedic treasure Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman scoring laughs in the very first scenes as an extremely unsettling husband and wife with a very unusual marriage. Then the quirky sitcom whips something else out: a series of awkward (and hilarious) events that bring attention to the, uh, anatomy of its main male characters.

In that story’s climax, Tim’s (Dan Bakkedahl) brothers-in-law Greg (Colin Hanks) and Matt (Thomas Sadoski) stumble on the discovery that he’s… shall we say much more gifted than anyone would’ve ever thought. Now Tim’s kin sees him in a whole new light and Bakkedahl ‘s first instinct, he told, was to amplify the moment. “In the first take,” he said, “I’m basically sitting on it. And I’m like, ‘Ow!”

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